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Patty here,

I thought I would bring you a tale of an out of the way restaurant in Tokyo. Ninja Akasaka, and yeah the waitresses are dressed as real-lifeNinjas. When you arrive, you scurry down wooden passages that are themed like an old Japanese castle. To enforce this feeling, there are ornaments of treasure chests and other small cool things to look at.

There is definitely a mystical wow factor around the place, and they have an in-house Ninja magician to show you some neat tricks. Not wanting to spoil what he does I will keep that a secret. Once we had been led by lantern to our room. You read that right; you get your own room, so shoes off and get yourself seated.

With up to 11 dishes available throughout the dinner there is no shortage of variety, and if you love Sushi, this is one place you will adore. When you read the menu, it is much like everything else yet it is on a scroll rather than a fold over booklet style which keeps in with the Ninja theme.

When it comes to ordering there is a set menuor you can order, with things like throwing star crackers to Turban shell bombs even the list sounds dangerous yet as with most items on the menu it is sooo tasty.

One of the best has to be the Whitefish and tomato ceviche which is very fresh and tasty. That was just over halfway through the eleven courses, and although the portions are small, you still need to make sure you have space left to fit everything in.

The final course we had was cheesecake, yet not any old cheesecake. It was in the shape of a frog that sits on top of a Lilypad made of chocolate. I wish all Lily pads were made this way.

All the way through the presentation will keep you guessing. It might appear gimmicky yet there is so much food on the menu that it is worth a second visit. If you are lucky you might be here when Stephen Spielberg or Lady Gaga are here for their next visit. Yep! They have visited this place.

For now, I’m gonna sign off and let you wonder about this restaurant. And next time I have another delight in Tokyo, it is even more secretive than this place. Keep your eyes open for the restaurant that only has two tables but it has up to a 6 month waiting list.


From Ninja Akasaka

Patty x



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