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Hi there folks,

The names Patricia but you’ll never hear anyone call me that. Patty for short or that’s what everyone calls me. I think Patricia is too old a name. Anyways I thought I’d drop by and say hello. I’mkinda new to all this and more at home stuck behind the kitchen counter cooking up some tasty dish.

I know there is a lot of cookery sites and a lot of travel blogs around, so I decided to try my best and culminate the two. My Chuck and I did quite a bit of traveling over the years and saw quite a few different dishes in various countries, and since he passed away, it has just been me on my lonesome. We all need a hobby, right?

Anyways cooking for one just doesn’t have the same appeal as cooking for your soul mate, that’s when I came up with the idea of cooking for all you folks out there, or at least the ones who might be interested in something a little different and the story behind the dishes.

As you can probably guess, I am a foodaholic and love nothing more than sampling something tasty.That’s maybe the reason I have packed on a few pounds over the years and which I keep meaning to lose. Perhaps I could do some posts on diet struggles? If they don’t help you folks out there, they might help me, what ya say?

To sum everything up, I have always had a love of food and my Chuck, and I had a diner deep in the middle of Colorado. We served up some of the best burgers (all homemade I might say) and chili. I just love spicy food. Well since my Chuck passed flippin those burgers just got too much of a handful, so I decided to sell up and take it easy.

I still travel and make the most of it, and it’salways possible to strike up a conversation or two in a restaurant that is in the back and beyond somewhere. Tales, I might have one or two to tell, yet it is mostly about the places I have visited and the food I have sampled along the way. From airport meals to dining on the Orient Express, I have pretty much tried them all. You would be surprised, some of the most satisfying grub doesn’t come from five-star places either. A large bowl of soup or stew after a long day traveling is so homely when you are so far away.

Anywaysit’s time for me to pop off and put my feet up for the evening and watch a replay of Gordon Ramsay. Kitchen Nightmares, shucks, I could show him a thing or two in a kitchen.


See you at supper time,

Patty x



Hi, I’m Patty.

I love telling inspiring stories through words (and sometimes images). I work closely with editors and clients to transpose experiences to text.

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