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Well, folks if you want more of the Ninja restaurant this one is a delight and nothing like a regular restaurant that I have ever had the good fortune to visit. If the Ninja place was hard to find there is no chance you will find this one easy. I did say it was unlike […]

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Patty here, I thought I would bring you a tale of an out of the way restaurant in Tokyo. Ninja Akasaka, and yeah the waitresses are dressed as real-lifeNinjas. When you arrive, you scurry down wooden passages that are themed like an old Japanese castle. To enforce this feeling, there are ornaments of treasure chests […]


So, before we decided to go on this trip, we did a bit of research from someone we know who is pretty well traveled.  My buddy Vance from Las Vegas.  He has served quite a few missions over seas, and was part of the reason I decided to go on this adventure.  So, I want to give him a shout out!  He owns a company that takes care of pest control las vegas.  Vance, thanks for the inspiration.  Now, on with the post!

South America is one of the continents that experiences varied weather patterns and a wide range of climates. The weather patterns and conditions in this continent tend to be unpredictable just like other places in the world. What does that mean to you as you plan your trip to this lovely continent? You must prepare and pack well. The first thing that you want to think of when traveling here is places where you can have the best experience while enjoying the best sun holidays.

The beaches on the Atlantic shoreline as well as the continent’s equatorial climate are the best to visit if you want to enjoy a sunny holiday. Beachgoers from all over the world travel to South America, especially in countries and regions that experience the equatorial climate. Here are some of the fantastic sunny beaches you’ll find in South America.


The equatorial climate in Brazil is known to draw beach lovers from all over the world. Ipanema is a renowned hotspot that attracts those who travel to Brazil and want to enjoy the country’s equatorial climate. If you’re travelling or visiting Rio De Janeiro consider staying away from the mad crowds of beaches around the city. You may travel to Corcovado Mountains, beaches along Sugarloaf and Praia Botafogo. Natal beaches are less crowded as well.


Uruguay’s coastline is smaller compared to Brazilian coast and Argentina coast. The country is sandwiched between Brazil and Argentina, a location that makes tourists visiting the two countries to get a chance to invade places such as Piriapolis and Punda El Este every year. Jose Ignacio is located about forty miles from Punda Del Este, and features favorable weather conditions and welcoming local people. It also has a peninsula with two beaches namely Brava and Mansa. Those who love to swim can travel to Mansa since it’s a clam destination while those who want to enjoy surfing and other water sports can head to Brava. Other stunning beaches in Uruguay include Anaconda, Los Botes, and La Paloma.


For those traveling to Argentina, Mar del Plata is a place to start your holiday vacation. It only takes you six hours to drive from Buenos Aires. You could either use a train or an express bus.  The beach usually has a large number of locals something that will allow you to experience their culture while interacting with them. Head to Las Gutas beach and explore its dramatic cliffs, sunny weather conditions, and awesome caves. Argentina has a natural setting coupled with access to facilities like motels, shops, health and dining facilities.


Few miles from Venezuela’s coast lies Los Roques, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire Islands. Few people visit these areas because they are undeveloped and also not accessible. The best it can offer is good scenery for photo and video shooting.

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  Hi there folks, The names Patricia but you’ll never hear anyone call me that. Patty for short or that’s what everyone calls me. I think Patricia is too old a name. Anyways I thought I’d drop by and say hello. I’mkinda new to all this and more at home stuck behind the kitchen counter […]